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As a trade show magician, my responsibility is to draw attention to my client’s exhibit, entertain the crowds and, also, deliver important information about my client’s service or product.

Being a corporate magician – that is a corporate entertainer who uses his/her skills as a magician to enhance a corporate presentation – allows me more flexibilty then a typical trade show presenter, who is just a “talking head.” Most people liked to be entertained, while they are learning.

My style is that of a trade show mentalist, which is different from a trade show magician. However, whatever you want to label it, the job is to help the client get a better ROI from their massive trade show investment.

With that said, I am appreciative of my clients who provide me with a video testimonial. While I have all of my written testimonials on file – and they match my client list – the video testimonials are special.

Here are two of the latest:

In this video, my client confirms that I DOUBLED their booth demos…


In  this video, my client confirms that I created a “BUZZ” for them and aided their reps in “breaking the ice.”


Bottom Line:  If you just want to show up at a trade show and wait for attendees to “drop by,” then you probably don’t want me – or any draw in your booth.  However, if you want to actually get attendee’s attention; have your reps speaking to more interested prospects; create a “BUZZ” at your booth and increase your number of demos, then give me a call or go to my trade show magician site. Watch the video demo of my services as a trade  show corporate magician.


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At SPECS 2012, corporate trade show magician Bob Garner appeared in the NOVAR booth and WOWED the attendees for his 3rd straight year. Here is what the VP of Marketing had to say…

Great leads and ROI, as well as plenty of traffic. Few trade show magicians  – or the generic trade show presenter – can provide these kind of testimonials.

Watch a number of trade show magician video testimonials of Bob and see why if you want to create a “BUZZ” at your next show; if you want great leads and ROI, then  you need trade show mentalist Bob Garner.

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It’s one thing to have a client write a testimonial, but it’s another thing to have them be willing to be video taped. I really appreciate it when my clients take the time to provide me with a video testimonial.

At the show referenced on this testimonial, I was not there as a trade show magician – I rarely am – I was a trade show mind reader. And after I got a crowd, I would then transition the attendees to two of the best trade show presenters in the business.  (I have been booking these trade show presenters for many years and I am proud to have them on my team.)

The show was awesome and we all had a great time and helped our client achieve their goal. Take a look at the video for a super testimonial. Thank you Bev!

For more information on my services under trade show magicians or trade show presenter, just click on the link.

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Trade show magician Bob Garner has been working with this client for over 7 years and according to their testimonial, Bob delivers high leads and energy to their booth like no one else.

Bob is more than a trade show presenter, he is a trade show magician that incorporates his client’s messages into amazing entertainment. No goofy tricks or skits, trade show mentalist Garner provides sophisticated entertainment while getting his clients quality leads and a heightened ROI.

Watch the video and then call trade show magician Bob Garner.



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