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Many entrepreneurs work from home. While this can be liberating, it can be challenging, as well. For those who were previously employed by a company, making the transition to being an entrepreneur can be doubly challenging, as you will understand what any entrepreneur will tell you that it’s now all up to you to get the job done. As a successful entrepreneur for nearly 30 years, here are six tips to help those new to the world of entrepreneurship – as well as those entrepreneurs who have been doing it for a while, but may need a reminder – to be more successful,

 1 – Your Environment: Clear out an area from which you can comfortably work. If this can be a stationary location such as a small desk or table in your abode – or a separate room – so much the better. That way, you know when you sit down in that location, you are “at work.” Having a dry erase board, a post-it board or something hanging from a wall on which to clip notes is always good for reminders, etc. With regard to keeping your desk neat and tidy, Albert Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what then is an empty desk a sign?” Well, I would ask, “Of what then is an orderly desk a sign?” Unless you have a mind like Einstein, keeping your work location neat and orderly may be beneficial to increasing your overall efficiency.

2 – Minimize Visual Distractions: Make sure your work space is free from visual distractions such as the television or awaiting chores (i.e. dirty dishes in the sink). That doesn’t mean that you must face away from a window with a nice view. It means eliminating what might detract you. If you are in the middle of an important conversation and something comes on the television that distracts you, then you have just potentially created an uncomfortable moment that could have been avoided. The TV diverted your attention, which is different from looking out the window and taking a short break.

3 – Minimize Interruptions: When working from home, put phone numbers from relatives or friends who may call during your work day on vibrate. When checking your email, skip over personal messages until you take a break – that is also the time to check your personal phone messages. Also, refrain from web surfing, tweeting, and Facebooking, during your work time. Focus on what needs to get done and do it.

4 – Work Time & Breaks: Coordinate your day, so that you know when you will be working and when you will be taking any breaks. Try to stick to that time schedule. When it’s time to take a break, step away from your “office.” When it’s time to return to work, put personal issues or responsibilities aside and do your business.

5 – Shirt or Slippers: Maybe you can work just fine at home in your pajamas or sweats. However, for many people, “cleaning up” and wearing something more “appropriate” can increase efficiency and overall productivity. You don’t need to put on what you might wear if you were to actually go into the office, but you will probably feel more “professional” if you are wearing something other than a bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.

6 – Make Time for Motivation and Inspiration: Prior to starting your work day, take a few moments to read something that will inspire or motivate you. As stated, working from home requires discipline and discipline requires you to be self-motivated. Write down some sayings or affirmations that you like and keep them near your workspace.

While these strategies appear to be simple, many entrepreneurs will overlook them. However, by following these strategies, you may increase your performance and productivity and, therefore, be more successful as an entrepreneur.

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