It’s one thing to have a client write a testimonial, but it’s another thing to have them be willing to be video taped. I really appreciate it when my clients take the time to provide me with a video testimonial.

At the show referenced on this testimonial, I was not there as a trade show magician – I rarely am – I was a trade show mind reader. And after I got a crowd, I would then transition the attendees to two of the best trade show presenters in the business.  (I have been booking these trade show presenters for many years and I am proud to have them on my team.)

The show was awesome and we all had a great time and helped our client achieve their goal. Take a look at the video for a super testimonial. Thank you Bev!

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As a trade show magician and funny motivational speaker who uses magic and mind reading in my presentations, my life was transformed by reading about Houdini when I was 8 years old.

Even though Harry Houdini died 85 years ago on Halloween, his legend lives on. Check out this post on what Houdini can teach you about dealing with challenges and escaping from problems: http://funnymotivationalspeaker.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/dealing-with-challenges-and-escaping-from-problems-what-harry-houdini-can-teach-you/


Looking for a trade show magician? You need to check out this blog http://funnymotivationalspeaker.wordpress.com/2011/10/26/trade-show-magician-testimonial-confirms-no-one-can-do-what-bob-garner-does/ and watch the video.

Instead of a boring trade show presenters, trade show magicians deliver excitement, as well as a message.  A good trade show magician brings in a crowd, delivers content and then pre-qualifies attendees and gets them into the exhibit to talk to reps. That’s trade show ROI! That’s trade show magic!

Trade show magician Bob Garner has been working with this client for over 7 years and according to their testimonial, Bob delivers high leads and energy to their booth like no one else.

Bob is more than a trade show presenter, he is a trade show magician that incorporates his client’s messages into amazing entertainment. No goofy tricks or skits, trade show mentalist Garner provides sophisticated entertainment while getting his clients quality leads and a heightened ROI.

Watch the video and then call trade show magician Bob Garner.



As a trade show magician, I work with a large number of sales reps from a variety of industries. We chat about sales and many of them have mentioned that when dealing with a customer, they will sometimes get the “I need to think it over” answer when they ask for the sale.

On my sister blog – funny motivational speaker – I wrote an article that explains what your prospect may mean by using this delaying tactic and 3 remedies to use to overcome it.

Read the article here:

Bob’s new trade show presenter site is up. If you’re tired of boring talking heads or – even worse – actors who think they are funny by doing silly skits or celebrity rip-offs, then you’ll like this site.

The vast majority of attendees at trade shows can’t stand silly actors. They also get bored with trade show presenters who are narrators  just talking from a script. That’s why we combine your message with sophisticated entertainment.

By sophisticated entertainment, we mean psychological demonstrations of mind reading and ESP, clean humor and audience interaction. Bob is not what you would commonly refer to as a trade show magician.

While most trade show magicians just do tricks, Bob takes the art of mystery to a new level that trade show magicians could never reach. That’s why so many clients use Bob at their shows… because he helps them create an unbeatable  “Buzz” about their booth at the show.

Plus, if you’re a trade show manager, you want to increase your ROI. Bob is an expert at doing this, while most trade show presenters rarely increase ROI, just costs due to needing a stage, audio/visual, etc.

Bob fits in any size exhibit and comes self-contained. He actually separates the qualified attendees from the unqualified attendees and gets the qualified attendees into your booth. How many trade show narrators do that?

Check out his new site at http://www.thetradeshowpresenter.com/

A quick note from Jill…

Bob just launched his new site on his services as after dinner entertainment and as an after dinner speaker.

Bob does many of these events throughout the year and he always “rocks the house!” As an after dinner entertainer, Bob is also a funny emcee and, oftentimes, the awards banquet entertainment.

Many times the dinners or corporate parties are more casual – you know, buffet style by the pool – or a casino night. Either way, Bob delivers the “WOW” factor for his clients. No wonder so many companies turn to Bob when they are looking for corporate party entertainment.

Anyway, go check out his new site and see the videos. The new site is http://www.entertainmentafterdinner.com/ . Plus, Bob just launched another site http://www.corporatemasterofceremonies.com/. He is a busy boy!