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You’ve done a lot of hard work for your event and then your entertainment bombs. Who gets the blame? You do. Don’t let that happen. There is a process for choosing the right corporate entertainer and corporate entertainment. Why not use it?

Check out this article on corporate entertainment that provides 7 tips to make sure that your corporate event entertainment doesn’t destroy your customer appreciation event or your employee appreciation event.



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As a trade show magician, my responsibility is to draw attention to my client’s exhibit, entertain the crowds and, also, deliver important information about my client’s service or product.

Being a corporate magician – that is a corporate entertainer who uses his/her skills as a magician to enhance a corporate presentation – allows me more flexibilty then a typical trade show presenter, who is just a “talking head.” Most people liked to be entertained, while they are learning.

My style is that of a trade show mentalist, which is different from a trade show magician. However, whatever you want to label it, the job is to help the client get a better ROI from their massive trade show investment.

With that said, I am appreciative of my clients who provide me with a video testimonial. While I have all of my written testimonials on file – and they match my client list – the video testimonials are special.

Here are two of the latest:

In this video, my client confirms that I DOUBLED their booth demos…


In  this video, my client confirms that I created a “BUZZ” for them and aided their reps in “breaking the ice.”


Bottom Line:  If you just want to show up at a trade show and wait for attendees to “drop by,” then you probably don’t want me – or any draw in your booth.  However, if you want to actually get attendee’s attention; have your reps speaking to more interested prospects; create a “BUZZ” at your booth and increase your number of demos, then give me a call or go to my trade show magician site. Watch the video demo of my services as a trade  show corporate magician.

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